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About us

About us



GroundTruth Exploration is a company with a dedicated team providing new and innovative exploration methods which help increase the odds of successful discoveries. With our Drones to Drills™ approach, we significantly reduce exploration costs and environmental impact.
GroundTruth Exploration has quickly evolved since our inception in May 2010. Our roots were established through our predecessor RyanWood Exploration. Starting in the early 2000s, we learned to master the fundamentals of careful planning and execution of soil sampling and staking programs on a tight budget. We have always known that the fine line between success and failure in exploration depends on paying close attention to every last detail to ensure quality data collection, logistical efficiency and employee training and safety. Our track record for quality and efficient exploration is the result of this progression that has been learned over many years.

Safety & Training

Our core values are a firm belief that we have the capability to transform how exploration technology evolves to be more successful at finding deposits while at the same time reducing the environmental impact. All of our surveys are efficient, non-ground disturbing technologies that collect high resolution data, designed to directly answer critical exploration questions. Our surveys are rapid to deploy and execute. We provide quick data turn around and real time data where possible (such as XRF, Televiewer). These features allow us to evaluate an early-stage exploration target as efficiently and successfully as possible with minimal ground disturbance.

Environmental Commitment

At the core of our values is a firm belief that we have the capability to transform how exploration technology evolves to successfully finding deposits while at the same time reducing the environmental impact. All of our exploration tools are efficient, low-ground disturbance surveys that collect high resolution data, designed to directly answer critical exploration questions. Our surveys are rapid to deploy and execute. We provide quick data turn around and real time data where possible (such as XRF, Televiewer) which allows us to evaluate an early stage exploration target as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Research & Development

GroundTruth Exploration is continuously looking for better ways to find, test and define targets. It does this through a dedicated and robust practice of research and development, resulting in numerous technical advancements and new survey methods to benefit the industry. We run thorough test case studies to ensure reliability of survey equipment, methods and results.

Exploration Team

Director of Operations and President of GTE

Isaac Fage has worked in the Mineral exploration industry continuously for over 15 years, planning and executing large scale grassroots exploration programs across Yukon, Alaska, Nunavut, Newfoundland and Labrador. Isaac graduated from the Centre of Geographic Sciences with an advanced diploma in Remote Sensing/GIS in 2007. Isaac was a co-founder of GroundTruth Exploration Inc. in 2010. In 2011, he successfully coordinated with the GroundTruth team one of the largest regional soil sampling programs ever conducted on the planet. Currently, Isaac is intensively involved in the ongoing Newfoundland exploration boom, planning and executing on large regional exploration programs across the island. Isaac has accumulated a unique skill set that combines meticulous planning and delivery of efficient field surveys with a strong GIS background for data management, analysis and mapping.

Business Development and Operations Administration Manager
Nancy Morales-Arango began her career in sales, working for 10 years in Orange County, California before joining Mexico’s mining industry. Since 2015, Nancy has been a well-recognized sales and strategic development professional. Her deep industry experience includes working with global organizations such as SGS and Bureau Veritas Minerals before joining Groundtruth Exploration.She is committed to community involvement in the sector as a founding member and mentor of several professional associations. Nancy is the Chair of Mexico’s (SME) Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration where she has initiated four student chapters to promote growth, education, and development for young people in mining. As a member of the “executive committee of the AIMMGM (Asociación de Ingenieros de Mina, Metalurgistas y Geologos de Mexico) Durango, Nancy has proven experience in leadership and innovation in the industry. As the original founder of Women in Mining in Mexico, Nancy is dedicated to the advancement and growth of professional female miners. Her contributions play a major role in the mining industry across Mexico, the United States, and Canada.
Manager of Drilling Operations
Matthew is responsible for the RAB and RC drilling operations for Ground Truth Drilling and Ground Truth Americas. Matthew believes in educating and developing new generations for the drill industry, as such he sits on the Program Advisory Committee for the Fleming College Drilling and Blasting program.
Matthew strongly believes in continuous improvement and is always interested in finding a safer, faster, better way to drill. He does this by drawing on his background as a Chartered Professional Accountant and his Six Sigma Black Belt training.
In his time with Ground Truth, He has overseen the drilling division expansion from 3 drills to 9 drills, and its expansion into the United States. Matthew continuously strives to implement lean principles into the Ground Truth drilling process.
Assistant Manager of Geologic Services/Project Manager
Matt manages the geological sector of the company and geological staff while assisting in the innovative GroundTruth method of exploration. This includes test case analysis on our exploration methods in a variety of North American terrains giving our company an understanding of our work areas to provide optimal collection and results.After writing a B.Sc Honours thesis in collaboration with the Ontario Geological Survey, Matt graduated from Carleton University in 2015. Matt spent two summers with the survey expanding his geological knowledge and mapping techniques. Two years after, Matt began his journey with GroundTruth Exploration as a RAB Drill Geologist. Matt’s curiosity and craving for knowledge kept him building with this company and eventually started managing RAB drilling geologists and the collection of data on several projects the following year. In the past five years, Matt have been involved with a variety of projects in the Yukon, and more recently expanding to Newfoundland, gaining a diverse background in exploration field techniques and management. Matt am currently in the application process to receive his P.Geo designation and is looking forward to the path ahead.
Human Resources Manager
Bringing passion to people and culture After earning my CPHR and SHRM-CP designations in Human Resources from the Chartered Professionals of Human Resources and Society of Human Resources Management, I continue to be dedicated to relationship building as a foundation for success. Some of my primary focuses are to continually build on workplace culture, employee engagement and continuous process improvement.Continuing to build on my leadership skills and encouraging other passionate human resources professionals I am part of the mentorship program through the Chartered Professionals of Human Resources.
Health and Safety Specialist
Adam has extensive experience in occupational health and safety in large-scale and mega-project settings. He has considerable education in Occupational Safety and Health and holds a certificate in OHS as well as a National Construction Safety Officer designation. Adam has additional education and experience in Continuous Improvement strategies, Management of Change initiatives, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion as well as a variety of other safety-related areas. Committed to providing a safe and healthful workplace, Adam’s area of responsibility includes compliance monitoring for all the Canadian Federal and Provincial regulations wherever GroundTruth is operating. Adam provides leadership, training, information, resources, policy development, and consultation services to all employees and departments.
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