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Probe Sampling

Probe Sampling


GT Probe
Bedrock Interface Sampling

The GT Probe is a powerful direct push probe mounted on a rubber tracked platform. The rod is quickly driven to bedrock interface, rock & soil sample is extracted and XRF analyzed on site to detect anomalies in real time.
Low Environmental Impact
The GT Probe is Heli-Portable. The tracked GT Probe maneuvers around obstacles, Low ground pressure rubber tracks leave moss intact with low ground disturbance.

Heliportable Excavator Trenching
Continuous exposure of mineralized rock using light equipment

Helicopter transportable backhoe trenching is an effective method to test for mineralization in weathered bedrock. Significant Yukon discoveries such as White Gold and Coffee deposits were made with trenching using our hoes. The gear is proven, many kilometers of trench have been excavated to evaluate soil anomalies. We now recommend selective trenching as a followup survey to IP/Resistivity and GT probe to expose known mineralization, rather than general transection of soil anomalies; becoming a exploration tool with reduced environmental impact.
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