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Isaac Fage


Isaac Fage has worked in the Yukon mineral exploration industry continuously for more than 10 years. He began his career working for RyanWood Exploration Inc. from 2004 -2009 and graduated from the Centre of Geographic Sciences with an advanced diploma in Remote Sensing/GIS in 2007. Isaac was a co-founder of GroundTruth Exploration Inc. in 2010, and successfully coordinated one of the largest regional soil sampling programs ever conducted on the planet in 2011. Isaac has built up a unique skill set that combines planning and execution of efficient field surveys with a strong GIS background for data management, analysis and mapping.


Amir Radjaee

Senior Geophysicist

Amir Radjaee is a Senior Geophysicist who possesses in-depth technical and managerial skills in conducting geophysical investigations for mineral exploration, geotechnical engineering, and environmental decision support. With 15+ years of experience in Canada and internationally, he has been responsible or actively engaged in the life cycle of a variety of projects from proposing client-driven solutions to survey planning, data processing, inversion modeling and integrated interpretation of multi-disciplinary geoscience data. He previously occupied positions as Geophysicist with Mira Geoscience, CanAlaska Uranium, and the Sabir Dam and Water Works Construction Company. Amir holds M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Geophysics with research interests mainly focused on data processing and inversion modeling. Dr. Radjaee is a member of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia.

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